So, I like it

I admit, I am a sucker for Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese  Asiannovelas.  The way they make  them are really good, from cinematography, script, acting etc…..  Sometimes I wonder why Philippine television cannot create one as good as theirs.  I mean, with the of advent of digital format, filming should not be expensive, therefore, it only needs  creativity.  However,  I do  commend Tayong Dalawa– so far it’s the best in Philippine telenovela I watched.

My only comment, however, with these Asianovelas is that even if they start with bang, they all end in a whimper.   I think they still need to improve their endings.  Unlike Tayong Dalawa, I was really satisfied from start to finish.

My top three asian novelas – (click photo to watch):

boys over flowers

Hotaru no hikari

Dalja's spring

You may check more asiannovleas at or


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