Hackers join cyber competition

Computer hackers now have a venue to show their skills. According to Cnn.com, hackers may see the U.S. Cyber Challenge, culminated last month, as a game. But Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute that the event is really a national talent search.

Cnn reports that Former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell says the United States “will suffer a major catastrophic event” in the cyber arena if it doesn’t boost its ability to protect its computer infrastructure.

With big companies dependent on computers and the internet, more and more threats from extremist can endanger the country’s economy by hacking into their system.  Therefore, the objective of the “game”  is to hack  into as many target computers as he can and then defending those computers from attacks by other skilled hackers.

The winners will get to join the understaffed ranks of cybersecurity   specialists needed to protect systems used by the military, industry and everyday people.


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