And the blind can now see!

And the best part is that they don’t need to go into surgery.

British soldier Lance-Corporal Craig Lundberg who lost his eyesight while serving in Iraq in 2007 can now see with the help of his tongue.

Agence France Presse reports that the  Ministry of Defence Lundberg as the first person to try the BrainPort device.

The device, which can revolutionize treatment for the blind converts images into electrical pulses which are sent to the tongue.  These tingles can then be interpreted by the user so that he can mentally visualize their surroundings.

The device consists of a tiny video camera attached to a pair of sunglasses which are linked to a plastic “lollipop” which the user places on his tongue to read the pulses.

The user, however, needs intensive training in interpreting the level of simulation from the  black and white pixels  created from the camera.


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