Becoming invisible, literally!

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak will soon be defictionalize.  According to Discovery News from a report in Science journal, Tolga Ergin, from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and his team  made a microscopic cloak using photonic crystals (see above 3d photo), which influenced the behaviour of light rays, to conceal a small bump on a gold surface.

“It’s kind of like hiding a small object underneath a carpet — except this time the carpet also disappears,” they said.

In an interview with BBC News, Ergin says, though still  microscopic, the cloak was based on the team’s concept that you can “transform space” with a material.

commentary: this product is just microscopic, so don’t try to imagine buying that cloak soon,  and sneak inside your crush’s bedroom.  And as much as you want it, I don’t think this will be widely available though.  Just like those x-ray shades, it’s for military use only.  And menitioning about shades, someone will probably invent an eye wear to counter these invisible men.


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