Facebook chooses to outsource in India

Popular social networking site, Facebook has chosen to outsource its business to India.  According to Reuters, they have joined the  long list of international firms of outsourcing skilled workforce outside the US that provides support services at relatively cheap wages. The company plans to initially recruit a small team in India, and anticipates further growth as the office expands.

commentary:  Facebook is really more technical that’s why they chose India than Philippines, who offers more on better customer service.  If many large US companies are outsourcing abroad, then more Americans are becoming jobless.  What happens to them then? In this digital age, there is no stopping the development of technology.  Should a mid-earning American consider moving to a third world country then to live and work in order for them to survive? Or should they just lower their standards there so that these companies don’t have to  move abroad?  This is a dilemma.


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