Will this be the future of magazines?

There is no stopping the event of technology, and the publishing industry admittedly says that they are losing more print advertisers. With the launching of Ipad this April, could this type of visuals save the publishing industry? Viv magazine lets us take a peak in the future of publishing.

Analysis: Impressive!  the video captures look like scenes from the movie Sin City.  However, i feel that this is a novelty.  It somehow defeats the purpose of encouraging people to read because the graphics, ironically, have become a distraction.

Based from research, internet readers have short attention span and always wants everything fast, therefore, watching the clip first is somehow taking time to get to the point of reading. I would rather watch it than read. However, this would apply in fashion spreads though, as women likes to watch models move, stop, and read the details of the dress.  But for articles movie-type innovation,…. debatable.


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