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Pulitzer includes online journalism

Online journalism has now been included in the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.

According to Reuters, ProPublica bags the first award for reporting the controversial deaths  at a New Orleans medical center following Hurricane Katrina.

Another first win is on a new category – editorial cartooning.  The award went to Mark Fiore for, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Other investigative online reporting winners are Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman of the Philadelphia Daily News for their expose of a rogue police narcotics squad.


Reporter Michael Moss and New York Times staff won in the explanatory reporting category for writing about contaminated hamburger and food safety issues. Reporter Matt Richtel and Times staff won the national reporting award for writing about the hazards of using cell phones and computers while driving.


Cameron directs Mars, rover in 3D

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Yes, we will soon be viewing the surfaces of planet Mars in 3-D.
James Cameron is helping in the construction of the new Mars rover  by installing a high-resolution 3-D camera.

Although this plan has been rejected in 2007 due to budget,
Cameron lobbied the inclusion of a 3-D camera last January to NASA  administrator Charles Bolden. Cameron insisted that viewers will appreciate the Mars mission more when viewed in 3-D.

Bolden was convinced. Cameron is now the co-investigator of Malin
Space Science Systems, building  contractor of the rover.

Hacking the polls

As election day nears, all the dirty tricks in political campaigns appear- from black propaganda  to cheating.  With the advent of automated elections,
a group of scientists have proven that they can hack and steal votes in an electronic voting machine.

According to Science Daily, a team of scientists from University of California, San Diego, the University of Michigan, and Princeton University hacked a Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine to turn against itself
and steal votes. Computer scientist, Hovav Shacham, who had no access to the machine’s source code, found a flaw on the voting machine software.  They demonstrated how it can be controlled to steal votes  by using
“return-oriented programming.” (read here)

They exposed the vulnerabilities of the machine by using a cartridge that changes the total number of votes by inserting into an unused port in the ma-
chine. The hacker then navigates the machine’s menus to let the malicious software control the machine silently.

Smartmatic, however, affirms that their machines are unhackable. (read here)


I’m excited! On May 10, 2010 marks my first time to vote since I was disenfranchised from the last elections in 2004 (I registered but I could not find my name). I was patient enough to go through all the hassles of lining up again last year just to be able to vote next month. There is a possibility that I may not be disenfranchised this time, however, my question now: Is my vote safe?

Last elections, the Philippine government used the caveman method in rigging the elections: Garci. This time, with the advent of automated polls, cheating can now go hi-tech.

I have been hearing rumors that the Philippine elections is over. There’s a ready microchip that says the winners are Villar-Roxas! (They can’t rig Legarda to win over Roxas, whose surveys show he’s a sure landslide) How can that happen when I haven’t even voted yet?!

In the documentary “Hacking the Democracy”, (watch documentary here) it shows how an automated elections can be hacked. Shown in HBO in 2006, it exposes the dangers of voting machines. It uncovers evidences from trash cans of Texas to the ballot boxes of Ohio, exposing secrecy, votes in the trash, hackable software and election officials rigging the presidential recount.

That happened in the US, how can it not happen to us? In my past blog post “Hackers join cyber competition,” (read here I discussed how the US government find these young geniuses and invite them to join their team. Since our ballot boxes are now made of microchips, how can we be sure that no 13-year-old computer whiz kid hack it?

Then again, since it was sold by a private corporation, don’t you think they already know how to use it in all aspects? And last question: how are we so sure that there won’t be any microchip swap on the way to the Comelec or to the Congress?

Hacking the polls, coming this May to the poll precinct nearest you!

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Learn urban self defense

Mossad are the best trained agents in the intelligence community. Their fighting skills were honed by Krav Maga which originated from their country. In fact, other intel agencies send their men to Israel just to learn this ability. And because we care for your safety, we are bringing this workshop to all of you for FREE!

Most of the fighting seen in all of Matt Damon’s Bourne trilogy are Krav Maga.

Women and students are mostly victims of crime. Know what to do when you are faced with clear and present danger. So before summer ends, and before school starts, Diarito,along with KravMaga and R.O.X. bring you you this Urban Self defense FREE workshop. Learn from effective Israeli self defence system:

* Hand to Hand Combat
* Defense from stick
* Defense from Knives
* Defense from Gun
* Defense from chokes
* Defense from ground attacks

When: May 29, 2010, Saturday
Where: R.O.X. Bonifacio High street
Time: 5pm onwards

Be a Facebook fan of Diarito and attend this for FREE!

Contact: 425-75-92 or 0928-551-1800


DMZ: Sanctuary in no man’s land

The Demilitarization Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea had been uninhabited by humans for more than sixty years since the Korean war ceased in 1953.  But the no man’s land, ironically, has become paradise for almost 700 different wild life species, National Geographic reports.

Commentary: It’s amazing how God can turn an area into a different light- from a violent playground to  peaceful sanctuary for animals that are not hunted by humans. It is, therefore, possible that Philippines can turn back their depleting forest into its former glory by  leaving it alone!

Fabulous, crazy hair

Hair crazy gone wilder.  These hair styles are  theatrical and eye-catching.  Lady Gaga can definitely wear them. No matter how crazy these hairstyles look,  it just shows how these foreign hairdressers can actually go beyond their imagination to create something different, even mind-hair-blowing.

Commentary: I have never seen anything like this in local magazine spreads.   Filipino hairdressers  should really learn how to innovate and  go beyond their security blankets.

Click, eat, and gimik to the Max’s!

Click, Eat, and Gimik to the Max’s!

Make your Friday night a different gimik! Learn basic food photography, style your food and eat all you can at Max’s!

* Max’s will be preparing a buffet/ eat-all-you-can food for participants for them to style and shoot.

* Your plate is your canvass – style your food in such a way that when viewers see the photo, it will definitely make them hungry.

* And to help jump start your portfolio, the best looking photo will be used by Max’s and Diarito in their publication and collaterals.

It will be taught by known Angono artist/photographer Rembrandt Vocalan (see . He studied Fine Arts and Film at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. After college he proceeded to hone his craft further abroad at the New York Institute of Photography. He worked for the United Nations – International Labor Organization, Getz Pharma, Shangri-la Plaza to name a few.

Food styling will be handled by Diarito Plate Managing Editor Christine Culibao, who firmly believes that the pleasures of comfort food nourishes the soul. She has styled food for various restaurants such as Persia Grill, Alexa’s Deli among many others, and updates her food blog . She finished Art History at University of the Philippines in Diliman, and proceeded to take her M.A. at Asian Institute of Journalism and Communications.

When: May 14, 2010 Friday
Where: Max’s Tiendesitas, Pasig Branch
Time: 5 pm onwards
Fee: P1,000 only

Preparation of buffet food needs a head count, therefore, pre-registration is required!

email us: for reg form
Contact: 425-7592 or 0928-551-1800

see you there!