Filtering your bottles

designed by Karim Rashid

To be safe, most people in the Philippines buy distilled water  for drinking.  Drinking tap water just doesn’t feel safe anymore, not just in our country but also abroad.

With Americans alone buying over billions worth of bottled water and using 1.5 millions barrels of oil to make those bottles, designer Karim Rashid created the Bobble.

The design has a carbon filter which guarantees to provide 150 liters of impurity-free water. The Bobble makes drinking safe water affordable and eco-friendly.

Commentary: Ingenious idea! Every time I eat in a restaurant, drinking ordinary glass water is a hit-or-miss diarrhea incident. And buying bottled water in a fine-dining resto can sometimes be a highway robbery with its price. I remember a bottle of Evian in a five star hotel restaurant costs like a hearty Mcdo meal already.  Anyway, this bobble definitely helps cut costs.


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