Learn urban self defense

Mossad are the best trained agents in the intelligence community. Their fighting skills were honed by Krav Maga which originated from their country. In fact, other intel agencies send their men to Israel just to learn this ability. And because we care for your safety, we are bringing this workshop to all of you for FREE!

Most of the fighting seen in all of Matt Damon’s Bourne trilogy are Krav Maga.

Women and students are mostly victims of crime. Know what to do when you are faced with clear and present danger. So before summer ends, and before school starts, Diarito,along with KravMaga and R.O.X. bring you you this Urban Self defense FREE workshop. Learn from effective Israeli self defence system:

* Hand to Hand Combat
* Defense from stick
* Defense from Knives
* Defense from Gun
* Defense from chokes
* Defense from ground attacks

When: May 29, 2010, Saturday
Where: R.O.X. Bonifacio High street
Time: 5pm onwards

Be a Facebook fan of Diarito and attend this for FREE!

Contact: 425-75-92 or 0928-551-1800
Email: diaritonews@gmail.com



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