Cloud of errors

I just read in the national broadsheet a  review of a former work colleague’s book, which was published in Singapore.  And the critique was really painful.

This former colleague, who was a contributing writer, never liked my editing style  (etc. etc.).  With the editorial team ganging up on me, I was forced to resign. It was a Devil wears Prada moment, really.

Anyway, that was almost ten years ago. I was a neophyte then.  A rookie.  I was also in my 20s. After weeks of tears, I decided to stand up and brush the insults away. The experience of  having been forced to resign inspired me to be an over achiever.  I read a lot.  I even pushed the bar higher and took my MA in communication management.  I am also planning to push even further, and have a doctorate degree in communications. With my credentials, it made me more confident as a person. It lead me to better jobs compared to my former work in that crappy magazine.

However, I feel bad for her.   The review of her published work made me cringe out of embarrassment. The critique said: “….Singaporeans held Filipinos in high regard in whatever field,  particularly in grammar….” And added: “I was hired by the Straits Times because I was preceded by a couple of Filipino journalists who had acquitted themselves quite well.  I’m afraid that the [author’s] book puts the reputation in a bit of a cloud.”


The book, which could have been a national pride, has now become a national humiliation.

If the book is full of grammatical errors (not typos), it’s going to be a harsh read for its readers.  At this age, I would rather be criticized for my writing style than grammar.  I believe that when you are in your 30s, you should  be better in your chosen craft.

I still feel bad for her.  We were never friends but nothing is too late though.  My friendly advice: No one is perfect. Like what I did years ago- stand up and brush the insults away.  Redeem yourself. It’s not too late to learn the basics.

* i omitted her name because i really feel bad for her.


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