Bling for my tooth

I have been hearing horror stories from friends that a root canal therapy is really painful. After two sessions, I am finally over with my first rct experience today. Surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt at all. Thanks to the anesthesia.  My dentist said that I should have a dental crown to protect my dead pre-molar tooth.  I have two choices: porcelain or metal.

Okay.  So I did  a bit of research on which is better (read here) I have finally decided that I’ll make life a bit interesting and have a gold tooth.  But not just a gold tooth, it should have a diamond stud as well. My dentist,  who was holding back his laughter, said it’s possible.

I don’t really want a porcelain for my pre-molar.    Besides, since it’s a dead tooth anyway, might as well make it pretty.  And since it’s my first root canal, I might as well treat it like a queen.


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