Hyperchondriac, me?

I was never a worry-wart when I was single- ( check my photos and video here)  I would cliff jump, dive in deep waters, and could even finish a bottle of wine. But ever since I became a mom, a lot of things have changed, more particularly,  I have become uber cautious.  I realized that women are very delicate beings – we can easily get post partum depression, urinary tract infection, and breast cancer.

For the past six months, I experienced being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia – due to low immunity from lack of sleep since I gave birth.

A month ago I had my first root canal.

And today, my first mammogram.

I have been feeling some breast pain in my left boob (yes, i wrote BOOB)  since I weaned my baby a month ago.  My ob-gyne advised me to have a mammogram since she could feel some fibrocystic cysts.  These cysts are not cancerous but she advised me not to wait until there’s a lump in the breast to have a mammogram.

“As soon as you are in your 30s, it’s best to have your breast checked yearly,” says my ob-gyne.

Maybe it’s the age? Maybe it’s  just a coincidence? But I am more conscious of my well-being now. I want to be there to witness my son’s milestones.  I want to grow old and see my kids graduate in college. I want to feel how it is to be a grandmother as well.  Whatever it takes, just to live longer, I would do it, even if I have turn into hypochondriac.


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