Decoding online addiction

by bbc

Parents are losing their kids to computer games.  Everyday, these gamers would rather go to cyber cafes to play the latest online games than go to school.

In a report from Malaya, child psychiatrist Dr. Vanessa Cainghug,  says that in a  study done in 2000, out  of 18,000 internet users under age 18 showed that 15 percent were “in the process of becoming psychologically addicted.”

With the advent of technology, more specifically of online games, parents are in constant battle with the “online gamers world.”

Computer addiction is an International issue.  Even South Korea  faces the problem of losing these youngsters to virtual land.  A survey of over 1,500 public school students conducted by the Korea Youth Counseling Institute found that nearly a third (29.3 percent) showed signs of game addiction, while nearly 40 percent of male students were determined to be addicted.

Korea Herald reports that the  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has started imposing a gaming ban.  The ministry hopes the new measures they have implemented will help eradicate video game addiction among teenagers. The curfew automatically shuts down any online access as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

The policy in South Korea has been strictly implemented when several cases of death because of online games have been reported.  These report ranged of gamers dying  after having spent days and even weeks at PC rooms without a break, and the death of a newborn through starvation from a couple’s neglect and addiction to online gaming rocked the nation.


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