When losers bitch and snitch

anc tv capture

In my commentary blog, I had apprehensions whether  the automated elections would be hacked or not – but I believe  that these doubts were just normal, especially when it was everyone’s  first time to vote electronically.  But, hey, even Conrado de Quiros had doubted, but  apologized afterwards in his column.

When the election results came out, it was obvious that the winners were really people’s votes.

I am embarrassed, however,  to watch the House probe  the poll automation, and the politicians who act like they are techno wizards.  I am more embarassed when Atty Susano  wants Smartmatic to return all payments for breach of contract. It’s like another Naia 3 probe happening all over again.

Anyway, even the newly appointed US ambassador to the Philippines Amb. Henry Thomas says that similar challenges  happen in the US, but still  congratulates the Filipinos for the election process.

I am appalled to watch Koala Bear snitch, and politicians bitch. I am afraid that because of these sour losers probe, no companies engaged in electronic voting machine business would ever want to deal with us for  another automated election. Unless, of course, this is what the losers really want to happen.


2 responses to “When losers bitch and snitch

  1. I watch the news daily.. but these past few days, it was just plain torture to watch it. Before the election, I was really in doubt whether COMELEC could pull this off especially with the CF card glitch but I honestly think they did. Am an IT person and watching these politicians talk non-sense makes me sick. The commiittee on electoral reforms had better things to do and think about rather than waste time on Koala Boy who cannot show any proof of fraud. Move on…

    • So embarrassing especially when Atty. Susano proposed that Smartmatic should not be paid with its remaining balance anymore because of their incompetencies daw. Ang kapal diba! Mahiya naman sila!

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