Collapse of old media

Newsweek is for sale.  The Philidelphia Inquirer will launch this June its 3-d section version. Stanford bids goodbye to their  huge library.  So what do these three news have in common?  Some have conceded to technology, while others want to experience  slow death.

It is a fact: the old media publishing world is dying. And if these institutions have given up, what happens now to  factual reporting?

As a consumer, I feel elated that I can read news online, and download e-books to my hearts content.  However, I know that we are also losing great people who writes  for a living.  Information is now free.  But  journalists are losing their jobs.

Having read that Stanford Library are putting their books in storage, to pave way for the more efficient digital library, made me feel  nostalgic.  I have never been to Stanford, but  the act made me realize that books will soon become artifacts.

And generation X,Y and Z have become witnesses to these technological transition.


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