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P-Noy’s GLEE moment

Wow, this is the first time I heard P-Noy speak.  As in S.P.E.A.K!  And I am impressed with the delivery of his speech.

P-Noy’s voice has always been overshadowed by his flamboyant sister Kris.  Critics asked why didn’t he mention anything about more important issues  in his speech aside from combating corruption? Perhaps, because it’s an inaugural speech-  it is supposed to be light, serious, inspiring rolled into one.  The hard-core detailed speech is reserved for his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July. And since this is a celebration- finally, away from a tyrant regime- let’s give the stage to him.

And as for the singing – ummmmm….. well, that’s his GLEE moment.


P-Noy to GMA: Slow ride, take it eeazzeh!

Anyone wants to hitch a ride?

Should President-elect Noynoy Aquino ride in the same limousine with outgoing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on June 30? Heck, that’s going to be the most uncomfortable 30-minute or more ride for those two.

P-NOY said that he’s just doing the Malacañang-fetching-and-the -limo-riding with GMA out of tradition before his oath-taking ceremony on Wednesday.  Since he has already veered away from saying  his oath in front of Chief Justice Renato Corona- also a long-time tradition- perhaps, it would be better if  he should stand his ground all through out.

Requesting The Foghat be played on the car’s  stereo.

“Slow ride, take it easy – Slow ride, take it easy,
Slow ride, take it easy – Slow ride, take it easy.

I’m in the mood, the rhythm is right,
Move to the music, we can roll all night.
Oooh, oooh, slow ride – oooh, oooh …”

Fanged condoms

Beware: The Rape-aXe condom

Small capsule insert that turns into fangs

While sex education is being implemented on  grade-schoolers here in the Philippines,  on the other part of the globe, more specifically South Africa, they are addressing issues on rape.

If you collect  hairy condoms, polka dot ones, or other weird shapes,  this one is not for the fetish.

The Rape-aXe is a condom latex which is inserted into the vagina as a capsule. When the attacker is about to commit vaginal-rape, the barbs would attach on to the attackers penis that will create extreme pain.  After the  being encapsulated, he will then be branded a rapist. He has to admit himself to the hospital in order for the fanged condoms to be removed.

Designed by  Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, she says  the anti-rape condom cannot turn itself inside out, therefore,  it cannot harm the woman.

It’s a bizarre design. But should women, who feels vulnerable in the violent-ridden society today, resort to this?

By hook, by crook, or by cop

A video capture on Kate Moss snorting coke

Back track to two years ago: G.I. Joe  and I had to go to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency just to do a round-up on the agency’s fight on drugs.  I remember, when cocaine was the topic, it wasn’t given much  attention by our interviewee.  They said that the main drug  usually being imported to the country is shabu.

With the height of the Gucci gang scandal blown-off by Brian Gorrell that time, coke was a mystery.  Cocaine, as they say,  is  not a typical Pinoy drug, it was only for the rich. So there was no way that a big amount of powder can enter the country.

We left the agency unconvinced. Knowing that there are so many back-door ports in the country, we believe that the narcotic could somehow  enter without, perhaps, the agency even knowing it.

Fast forward to today: Lo and behold, a cop was busted for P21 million worth of cocaine! And the person who was arrested was not a drug pusher, but a police!

According to Inquirer’s report, the cocaine could be part of the shipload of illegal drugs reportedly dumped by members of an international drug syndicate six months ago off the waters of Samar.

The agency now knows that the “choice of powder” by the rich, can and will enter the country- by hook, by crook, or by cop.

Who’s supporting the commies?

by cbs news

At this corner of the world, football is not popular.  Filipinos are more into basketball- although I’m not into that either. The only reason I like watching the World Cup is because of the gorgeous men- which you don’t usually see in NBA. The other interesting reason which I would watch tonight is because North Korea is back in the field.  The last time they played was in 1966.

The hush-hush team is the dark horse of the game.  It’s the only team as the Daily Telegraph reported that does not have any single popular player. And they’re playing against Brazil later.  And they want to win!

Since the South Koreans have a cold war against them,  I wonder who’s supporting the commies?

My favorite Bear

from bear's blog

I love Bear.  Man vs. Wild tops the list of my favorite tv shows. I just watched his China episode, and I swear, I always wonder who’s  behind the lens. Since he should always keep up with Bear, he should be as buff as him, right?

Bear's crew

More photos here.

What do you think?

* one of Bear’s current tweets: “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters: one represents danger, and the other, opportunity.”

Bugs, humbug!

e. coli up close

I have been getting lots of bugs these past few days – from the internet to my body. Solution: remove them!

I thought it was flu, but I just got my flu and h1n1 vaccines two weeks ago! Maybe it’s a new strain? After three days of being weak,  fever, and bouts of diarrhea,  I decided to admit myself to Medical City last night.  After a round of blood and stool tests – it was determined to be E. Coli.

Good thing it happened to me and not my baby- that would have been the worst! It would have been better if it was entirely avoided though.

It’s rainy season, and you have to be more careful with the food you eat, and most especially your drinking water.  Make sure the food is cook well, and, definitely, boil the water.

I still feel weak.  So hasta la vista, till i get better.