Hypchondriac me, and you?

I recently had a breast cancer scare.

The Philppine Breast Cancer Society recommends that women in their 30s should get a mammogram yearly.  I was oblivious about the rule, but I went to my OB-gyne two weeks ago because of  some breast pain.  She told me to get a mammogram (read past blog).

I was confident that my mammogram will just be negative, and that I was just being a hypochondriac.  When the results came out, it recommended  that I had to get an ultrasound as well! That really, really scared me.

I panicked.

I couldn’t believe that it’s happening to uber-health-conscious- me!

It scared me to high frequency that I started planning a will for my son.

When I had an ultrasound last Monday,  I found out that I have around 15 cysts in my breasts.  I decided to have four doctors opinion .  Anyway these cysts, said the  doctors, are not cancerous, it’s symptomatic- it comes and goes.

I still have to go back to my OB again, just to have a final go.  The breast cancer scare experience has turned me into a  health vigilante. Definitely, I am going vegan.


3 responses to “Hypchondriac me, and you?

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  2. omg! i guess i’ll have to get myself checked regularly too in the next few years. sigh.

    • Yeah. I always took the breast exam for granted or more of my typical pinoy attitude: di mangyayari sa akin yan. Even if it’s a cliche truth is, breast cancer can happen to anyone. Although I am spared this year from it, there are still more years to risk ahead. Health vigilance is always best.

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