Sunshine scares Chinese

Having read a friend’s Facebook tongue-in-cheek status that “he predicts there may be snow in the Philippines in 2012” made me laugh.  But after reading an article about people in Southern China who woke up panicking on Monday morning after seeing  sparkling seas,  perfect cloudless skies, and a radiant sun, I realized I would panic too if  I see snowflakes in my window tonight.

The sudden change of scenery in southern province of Guangdong shocked the local  Southern Chinese authorities that they issued a series of warnings to people to stay indoors.  They warned everyone  to be vigilant and to   hope that they will  ” see there are smoggy skies ahead.”

It’s understandable that living in paradise is the most wonderful opportunity ever. However, if one is used to living in the gloom for so long, a cold place that turned into a Carribean weather  overnight can really be frightening.

Climate change is happening.  And the shift is really ruthless.


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