Bugs, humbug!

e. coli up close

I have been getting lots of bugs these past few days – from the internet to my body. Solution: remove them!

I thought it was flu, but I just got my flu and h1n1 vaccines two weeks ago! Maybe it’s a new strain? After three days of being weak,  fever, and bouts of diarrhea,  I decided to admit myself to Medical City last night.  After a round of blood and stool tests – it was determined to be E. Coli.

Good thing it happened to me and not my baby- that would have been the worst! It would have been better if it was entirely avoided though.

It’s rainy season, and you have to be more careful with the food you eat, and most especially your drinking water.  Make sure the food is cook well, and, definitely, boil the water.

I still feel weak.  So hasta la vista, till i get better.


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