By hook, by crook, or by cop

A video capture on Kate Moss snorting coke

Back track to two years ago: G.I. Joe  and I had to go to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency just to do a round-up on the agency’s fight on drugs.  I remember, when cocaine was the topic, it wasn’t given much  attention by our interviewee.  They said that the main drug  usually being imported to the country is shabu.

With the height of the Gucci gang scandal blown-off by Brian Gorrell that time, coke was a mystery.  Cocaine, as they say,  is  not a typical Pinoy drug, it was only for the rich. So there was no way that a big amount of powder can enter the country.

We left the agency unconvinced. Knowing that there are so many back-door ports in the country, we believe that the narcotic could somehow  enter without, perhaps, the agency even knowing it.

Fast forward to today: Lo and behold, a cop was busted for P21 million worth of cocaine! And the person who was arrested was not a drug pusher, but a police!

According to Inquirer’s report, the cocaine could be part of the shipload of illegal drugs reportedly dumped by members of an international drug syndicate six months ago off the waters of Samar.

The agency now knows that the “choice of powder” by the rich, can and will enter the country- by hook, by crook, or by cop.


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