Fanged condoms

Beware: The Rape-aXe condom

Small capsule insert that turns into fangs

While sex education is being implemented on  grade-schoolers here in the Philippines,  on the other part of the globe, more specifically South Africa, they are addressing issues on rape.

If you collect  hairy condoms, polka dot ones, or other weird shapes,  this one is not for the fetish.

The Rape-aXe is a condom latex which is inserted into the vagina as a capsule. When the attacker is about to commit vaginal-rape, the barbs would attach on to the attackers penis that will create extreme pain.  After the  being encapsulated, he will then be branded a rapist. He has to admit himself to the hospital in order for the fanged condoms to be removed.

Designed by  Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, she says  the anti-rape condom cannot turn itself inside out, therefore,  it cannot harm the woman.

It’s a bizarre design. But should women, who feels vulnerable in the violent-ridden society today, resort to this?


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  1. Well I’ll be damned. I blogged about this yesterday.

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