Leadership by example

A leader sets the right example.  He is a role model who strongly stands up for what he believes in. By uttering the words “Sisikapin kong maging isang mabuting ehemplo…” in his inaugural speech, President Noynoy Aquino has to be ruthlessly accountable for his words.

Being against the abuse of a “wangwang”, P-Noy has chosen to travel like a commoner.

Although the decision has put him at constant risk, and his Presidential Security Guards  in a difficult position, exercising his stand works.  The next day, travelling sirens (except  those for emergencies) were confiscated nationwide. Some powerful people had tried to reason  to authorities, and the only answer they got was “Utos po ng presidente yan.”

Sans the siren, critics mocked  P-Noy’s  late arrival at the Armed Forces turnover ceremony at Camp Aguinaldo  on Friday.

But why does he continue on traveling without the wangwang?  A leader sets the right example.  Compromise destroys accountability.


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