Never leave your kids to strangers!

Tonight, I am quite bothered with the evening news on ABS-CBN  about a three-year-old child being  kidnapped.  Both parents work, and the boy had to be left alone with the yaya.  Apparently, someone came over to their house and told the yaya that the parents had instructed her to bring the child to meet them at a certain place.  So the trusting yaya, gave the boy to the person, who turned-out to be a disguised kidnapper!

I am bothered because this could  happen to anyone, even to my family. I feel really depressed for the child – I pray for his safety, and that he will be found ALIVE!

In the Philippines, children are kidnapped not to get a ransom, but to be sold – either for adoption, crime syndicates, or for organs.

I could not and will not understand the reasons of parents leaving their children to strangers. I, for one, have househelp horror stories – from a househelp’s textmate lover threatening us through texts, to a recently fired help who had put  inside my baby’s crib coins, which he almost ate! I have had enough of the stress, and that’s the end of the search for me.

Money is not everything.  I could have gone back to work for an International organization, and earn a hefty amount, but I could not fathom the thought of leaving my son to a stranger.

I will never exchange my son for money. I would rather be hard-up, than live with a guilty conscience all because of prioritizing material needs.There are many ways to earn – with the digital age, entrepreneurship is just in your fingertips. All you need is creativity!

No parent, however, could ever bullet-proof their children from danger.  But you have the choice to lessen the risks!


6 responses to “Never leave your kids to strangers!

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  2. teta p gonzales

    hi. the boy hasn’t been found yet? oh no. that is so depressing. i can’t help but cry, both for the boy and his parents. nobody knows if he is ok. is he crying? is he currently watching cartoons and eating his favorite food? is he sleeping soundly at night with strangers around him? i will pray harder so the boy will be returned to his parents soon.

    thank you again. i hope you don’t mind if i email you once in a while to follow up

  3. hi. i’m sorry to bother you again. is there any update on the boy? i feel like i’m not going to go back to normal unless i hear an update on the boy…please if you heard something new please tell me. thank you so much

  4. hi. like you, i have also been bothered by this news. i cried watching it especially when the mom was embracing and kneeling down before the yaya pleading to her to bring back her son. i’ve been searching for a follow up story on this but failed. is there any update? has the boy been found and reunited with his parents/ please let me know

    • The world is full of dark souls that will end in the firing furnace where they will gnash their teeth forever!

      I don’t know how the boy is, i have no updates also. But every night, I always include the boy in my prayers .

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