Finding the One in Tagaytay

People like to go to Tagaytay during summer season to escape the heat in the metro.  I, however, love going to the pineapple city  during the rainy season.  Why?  Food  tastes a lot better during the cooler months; I love seeing the fog envelope  the road- feels like I’m in a Hollywood flick;  and, of course, snuggling with my two loves – my husband and son – under thick blankets in colder  nights.

As a young couple,  especially when you have a baby already, we are budget-conscious.  We want to stay in a comfortable place that does not compromise quality.  And luck, indeed, is in our side when we discovered One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites.

40% off in room rates

Don’t you just love the perks of social media?  All you have to do is  become a One Tagaytay Place’s Facebook fan, print the coupon, and avail the 40% discount on the rooms that you have booked!

We chose the De luxe room, whose normal price is P5,800 (  with 40% discount, should be around 3th plus – just do the math or best, contact them here .)

My little monarch jumping on the bed

Our room is absolutely lovely! The newly-built hotel smells and spells NEW. It has a cozy contemporary motiff in subtle colors.  As soon as we arrived, my son, who couldn’t contain his happiness,  jumped on the bed and started giggling.

The room looks like this without our youngmaster Wackee

Higher rooms  have  the lake view, but during foggy season, the site can be limited. But we really  love the view from the balcony. My son enjoyed watching the birds fly across the green scenery.

Can you see the fog?

In a few minutes, thicker fog

Of course, the next place we checked is the toilet.  I admit, we’re total Nazis when it comes to bathrooms.  And this one is definitely at par to our standards.

Toilet is clean as white

The little gadget that really made our day  is the water bidet.  Not all hotels have this, even five-star ones doesn’t even install this  simple tool – a saviour for parents with untoilet-trained-crappyroo-kids.

Thank goodness, a bidet!

Our itinerary for the first day was to sleep until dinner time.  Dinner was really sumptuous at Azalea Restaurant near the lobby.  Chef Ron Manalo prepared homemade bread, tomato capsicum soup, grilled chicken salad, Cordon Blue, and a desert plate that had apple pie, creme broulee, and kakanin. The food was so good and heavy that we wish we had more room for desert; hubby and I opted to share the desert plate.


The next day, we are thankful that we have chosen to stay at the east side of Tagaytay-  which is really more laid back.  The west side is for the gimik and night outs.  When we became parents, our priorities have changed, we really aim for our son’s enjoyment.

Wackee asking for more chorizo from the breakfast buffet

What I like about One Tagaytay Place, aside from its coziness and courteous staff,  is that it is near unsung places that are worth going to.  These places  are actually walking distance away from the hotel.

For the Catholics, they can attend Sunday mass at Our Lady of Lourdes church which is right beside the hotel.

Our lady of Lourdes church

Because we wanted to burn the food we ate since dinner,  we decided to walk to the Girls Scout of the Philippines – just a few meters away from the left side of the hotel.

The 3,729 sq. meter lot was acquired from the City Government by the Girl Scouts of the Philippines in 1956. The building was renovated by famous Architect Manuel Mañosa in 1975 . The place is open to the public.

Walking on green grass

Moo says the cow

Girl Scout Philippines co-founder Dr. Helena Benitez sculpture

If you are  adventurous and want more than just view the Taal volcano from afar,  the best perk of the hotel is across it is Talisay road- the way to the crater lake. The hotel also offers trek packages for the brave hearts.

Talisay Road to Taal

Someday, when our son is bigger and can fully run and trek, hubby have already imagined our  itinerary.

7:00-12:00 H – Trek to Taal Volcano

14:00 H – Check-in One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

14:00H – 1800 H – hot shower and sleep

19:00 H – Dinner at Azalea Restaurant

21:00 H – Snuggle under the comfy sheets

We are looking forward for this day. Definitely, we have found the One place to be in Tagaytay- One Tagaytay Place!


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