Which, what or who

Two days had gone by and my outrage  subsided over the bus hostage situation that happened on Monday.  I was outraged – from the Philippine National Police’s  incompetence to the  media’s unethical coverage towards the situation.  I was outraged by  the aftermaths: from the reactions of  Hong Kong nationals  towards  Filipinos, as well as my country man’s fascination on blame.

But nothing is wrong with outrage. It’s  natural. We are humans after all. We  make mistakes. We apologize.  We learn from it.  But we should not forget.

We should not forget that we may have contributed to the gloom of our country. Have you written a gloomy Facebook  status or tweet recently? The internet creates a virus.  A virus that may take a longer time to heal.

The PNP should not forget that they should never take any situation for granted.  We all expect the closest  happy endings just like in the movies.  But reality does not only bite, it can devour anyone ruthlessly.

The media should not forget that giving information has boundaries.   When human lives are at risk, it’s not about the “scoop”. It’s not about the ratings. Think, twice, thrice, ten times – will you contribute information or to mayhem? You have to be smarter than that too.

More importantly, we should not forget to assess ourselves  – from outrage to humility… from which, what or who.


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