Silence, I kill you, Xmas shoppers!

Famous terrorist puppet, Achmed

It’s the holiday season.  Shopping malls, more specifically Greenhills,  are always packed with shoppers.  And, of course, here comes the modern scrooges to ruin our Christmas spirits: The terrorists.

For those who doesn’t know yet, intels say that the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) received a report that terrorists are allegedly planning an attack in Metro Manila that could occur anytime this holiday season.

What amazes me is that we are the last to know about this news again!  Our task force had to wait for several countries – United Kingdom and Australia  to issue travel warnings – for them to become vigilant.

And here comes P-NOY who gives an exclusive again to ABS-CBN which I think is unfair  for other TV stations.  He should really realize that there is a government channel called National Broadcasting Network that exist. But then his Communications group – well… this is another story.

I wasn’t convinced with P-Noy’s statements though.  First of all, he acts like a victim of other countries’ alliance for issuing the travel warning on RP, saying that what the other foreign nations have gathered were incomplete intel reports.

“Mayroong isang bansa, huwag ko na munang papangalanan. Ngayon, iyung bansa, nagisyu ng warning of a possible terrorist activity, ipinasa sa mga kaalyado. Iyung mga kaalyado namang bansa, nagkataon namang napaka-sensitive sa ganyan,” the President said.

He should have started with reassurance first on our country’s capabilities in handling terrorism plots. People are already panicky, you don’t do the blame game as an introduction.

He described the travel advisories and terror warnings as “premature” and will affect the country’s tourism industry and business sector. And he even used a damn-if you-do, damn-if-you- dont-statement.

“At ulit, ang pinili po nila, yung mga bansa na nag-issue na para obligado sila sa kanilang sistemang gobyerno at sa kanilang sa mga nangyari sa kanilang lumipas na the minute na may kapirasong threat, kailangan todo-todo na ang warning. Kung may nangyari, masasabi na nag-warning kami. Kung wala naman nangyari, masasabi o ayan na-alert namin kayo,” he added.

According to Maria Ressa’s tweet on this issue, “some nations have stricter requirements about disclosures and warnings. They can be sued by their citizens if they don’t.” So it’s really not a damn if you do moment, it’s their responsibility as leaders.

Well, if there is smoke there is fire.  And when there is fire, P-NOY should reassure people first that his team is  capable of taking it out!


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