PLAGIARISM: Juan’s word of the year!

spot the difference

Plagiarism is the major, major word of the year- from Manny Pangilinan’s  plagiarized Ateneo graduation speech that has put the  business tycoon into shame to Supreme Court Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo, accused of plagiarizing law journals, to  Department of Tourism’s Pilipinas kay ganda ‘Polska-inspired’ logo.  Has Juan dela Cruz  lost his creative edge?

In the digital age, it’s really a race on the most creative and  innovative product – from technology to the arts. Filipinos, however, just like the  US is suffering from the lack of creativity.

According to the book, Innovation Nation by John Kao, talent is now everywhere.  There is a now a global shift, a return to the greatness of antiquity. Israel, Korea, Denmark, Brazil, China, and even third world nation such as India are  now pushing for innovation as part of their government policy.  Many Chinese and Indian  scientists and engineers who migrated to the US have returned to their country to pursue work and teaching.

While these nations have realize that creativity is the power of the future, Juan  however, still has to learn the meaning of originality.  But maybe because from the Spanish, Japanese to the American occupants, we have lost our originality along the way.  While other Asian nations package their Thai, Balinese, Indian culture in Tourism, we still have to learn how to define who we are.  Or maybe Juan is just too tamad to exert any efforts on creativity.


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