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Will FB cartoons help stop child abuse?

Yosemite Sam

It’s Monday, and the FB cartoon ME-ME has officially ended.

Since last week, several Facebookers have been changing their profile
picture to their favorite childhood  cartoons. I was even one of them. We all became nostalgic about our childhood, but the question remains: Will the act of changing to your fave cartoon profile FB pic  help stop child abuse?

The campaign may help a person realize that child abuse is wrong, but
it would be meaningless if there is no REAL act of stopping it like going to the slums and help abuse children, or  donate money to a Children’s organization like UNICEF.  Just buying a Christmas card this holiday season will go a long way in helping a child.  To purchase these items go to or click here.

Let’s leave the FB child abuse campaign and make a difference today!