Objecting the Big Bad Blogger

I have two passions in life:  communications and cooking. If I am not working as a communication specialist, I cook.  I can stay in the kitchen for hours. Since the holidays, I have been so busy cooking that I haven’t even updated this blog.  For the love of cooking, I joined Mercato Centrale, a new lifestyle foodie market to showcase my love on creating a dish.  Some people love my dish, some people don’t.  From this experience, I learned that some food stalls  are over-hyped to a point of trendy, some stalls don’t get the publicity they want.  And there’s one thing I have learned about my experience here:  TASTE IS OBJECTIVE.

After reading Margaux Salcedo’s blog on the Big Bad Blogger, i realized that the paradigm shift is happening especially in the  food PR business.  Gone are the days when the PR guys use the old media – paper, radio, television – to convince people to dine in a restaurant.  Today, you want to know how the food in the restaurant tastes like, you google it.

All businesses need the right communication tools.  Public Relations is just one of the branches, there are people hired for the job to handle specific communication areas like monitoring and evaluation  to even risk and crisis management. Heck, even the President has a few good men – the communications group-  to help him handle the media.

In the article, the PR firm, however, used the blackmail tactic on the restaurateur.  This is BAD! Good PR is not about deceptive advertising. A good PR should be a professional  information peddler, not a mafia boss! Good PR does not use extortion to get hired.  There is a  Republic ACT 7394 on deceptive advertising that aims ” … to protect the interests of the consumer, promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and industry.”

If the restaurateur has the budget to hire a PR agency, he has the liberty to do it.  But blackmail in disguise of the ruthless blogging world? That’s way below cheap.  But since information is free, the restaurateur can easily make a blog against the PR agency who threatens to use bloggers to blackmail him. Confuse?  To avoid stress,  just hire counter-PR-propaganda intels.

Remember Julia Roberts’ movie Duplicity?

Food is similar to politics.  They all want  good reviews. They all want consumers.  They all want good votes.  Rave is temporary.  It has a certain lifespan trend.    PR is not bad.  It works both ways.  It’s your character that matters at the end of the day.  One cannot dictate anyone’s opinion.  Taste, like opinion, is certainly objective.


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