Gruesome January

from Inquirer

It feels  like it was from a Final Destination movie.  The bus which exploded yesterday, and killed five people, along Edsa-Ayala was driven by a man named Maximo Peligro – translated to Maximum Danger.  Whether it’s just a coincidence or not,  it’s still eerie.

Reports say that it was a terrorist act led by a  group of Muslim militants. It’s similar to the  bus bombing in 2005.  I can still remember  back then that  my boyfriend and I were having Valentines dinner in Greenbelt 3  when we heard an explosion.  We  shrugged it off thinking  it was just thunder.  We  realized it was a  bomb explosion when we  couldn’t pass-by Edsa on our way home.  Imagine:  the sound traveled from Edsa all the way to Greenbelt 3!

I’m not going to analyze yesterday’s details like an operative. The year started with so much gruesome news  – from the car nappings to yesterday’s bombing.   The Muslim fundamentalists  wreak havoc due to their religious beliefs, and the Christians, like the car nappers, can kill an innocent man because of greed.


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