Could have….

Former Armed Forces chief and defense secretary Angelo Reyes suicide  did not bring justice to his background as a military person and statesman. After blow by blow corruption allegations, he could have just taken it like a man. He could have just repented.  He could have just showed all his cards on the table.   He could have redeemed himself by not protecting the ones he protected before. He could have just been honest in the Senate and brought everyone down with him- no one is a saint in politics and the military anyway. He could have been a whistleblower as well. He could have just read the bible than Trump’s book –   his life could have been saved.  He could have realized that there’s still honor in honesty even if he thought it was the end of the road.

I could go on and on with the could haves.   Reyes’ last act, however, could now help  people realize that corruption eats the mind, heart, and soul.  It’s better to sleep peacefully at night on a hard bed, than on a bed of roses  filled  with guilty thorns.

Rest In Peace.


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