Damn if you do, Mr. President, damn if you don’t

In the letter  “You blew it, Mr President”, investigative journalist Glenda Gloria addressed PNOY’s decision for having vetoed the bill on allowing the Armed Forces chief of staff to serve a full three-year term, even past his retirement age.

Gloria asked in her letter that “Almost all stakeholders were unanimous in supporting this bill.The military supports it, and it has survived the legislative wringer. What’s your point?”

Gloria may be right, but she also missed the point – tackling the culture of the Philippine military.

PNOY could have chosen  a chief of staff from PMA class 1982- to be able to serve the government for the next three years- or extend current AFP Chief Jessie Dellosa term when he retires on December.  Assuming PNOY has chosen from the 1982 batch, then the person will surpass his older batches- 1979, 1980, and 1981.  The question is: Will he get the respect or support from these people every time he makes a decision? Or will he put the country in chaos?

In the perfect world, Aquino should not have vetoed the bill. But what are the implications of having a younger Chief of staff?

1.  The Chief of staff will not be supported by other officials and generals who rank higher than him, therefore that will render work inefficiency on his part.

2. A younger Chief of staff  will demoralize the  military

3.  It will degrade and diminish the efficiency of the combat officers being led by disgruntled officers.

And if you were in Mr. President’s shoes, will you veto the bill?

screen capture of glend m. gloria and maria ressa’s reply to this blog:


2 responses to “Damn if you do, Mr. President, damn if you don’t

  1. screen capture of twitter conversation can be found here: http://on.fb.me/AnMUkW

  2. here’s the twitter replies of Glenda M Gloria and Maria Ressa on the issue
    Glendamgloria: @semi2imes @maria_ressa but military culture sometimes is the greatest hindrance to reform. your area commands now are headed by class ’80
    Glendamgloria: @semi2imes @maria_ressa the army chief is also class 81…
    Me: @glendamgloria @maria_ressa true. because they are younger, that is exactly why there is a problem in the obtaining army today.
    Maria_ressa: @semi2imes Lisandro Abadia was younger and was appointed by President Aquino … Cory. It’s choosing priorities. @glendamgloria
    Me: @maria_ressa @glendamgloria he was class 62, surpassing 59-61. didn’t get seniors coop nor controlled afp – thus a lot of coup d tat.
    Me: @maria_ressa @glendamgloria also take note that bec he was there for 3 yrs, he had more time to steal – got lots of pending cases till now.
    Glendamgloria: @semi2imes @maria_ressa yeah but those are the risks you take. Every law is broken by some pols, doesn’t mean it’s not needed
    Me:@glendamgloria @maria_ressa Big risk for PNOY esp. to appoint 1 to power. process shd be full proof to ensure the best mind for the job.

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