The bond of brothers

PMA alumni goes back to Baguio

I attended the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Homecoming over the weekend in Baguio, and I am really amazed by the bond of these military men.  And based from the conversations I had with some alumnus, I came to realize how their relationship was able to stand the test of time.   There was no disparity among them when they were growing up.  They were all equals.  No rich.  No poor.  No geeks.  No populars.  No jocks. No clicks.  They went through a lot,  slept in the same quarters, ate the same meal, suffered and laughed together.

Schools should learn from this.  I’m not saying they should be militaristic as well, but implement equality.  In my highschool alone, it’s hard to reunite even our alumnae.  Perhaps because they have their own families and priorities to attend to, but I think it’s mostly, in my opinion, they want to avoid the  click crowd. They would rather see their core group of friends, than see the rest of the class.

In PMA, they look forward to this Alumni Homecoming.  The older the class, the less people in the batch. Nostalgic. The youngest host class (every five years) came up high-fiving each other; they were batch 2007. Then the oldest, I think 1952 – was the only man standing, or should I say present in a wheel chair.  He would sometimes look over to the younger batches, perhaps reminiscing old times- when his band of brothers were still standing on that same field together. He then marched- or should I say wheeled to the field-  the lone representative of his class, and perhaps his last wave  to the crowd.


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