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A wiser Manny


I was surprised when I read about Manny Pacquiao and his renewed relationship with the Lord. Some people couldn’t believe it, some people mocked him, while others were all praise.

The journo in me pushed for more information.  And based on a source, Manny attended a worship service in the south.  The service must have punched the pound-for-pound king that he craved to hear more about the Lord’s word.  After that service, he wanted to meet the pastor in person to ask  more about the bible.  He was hungry to learn more about God’s words. And the day finally came, when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Having worked in the communication industry for years, I have met people who are multi-millionaires but still not satisfied with their money, saying that they still feel poor. Others are politicians, men who could not  imagine themselves losing the power they gained through government work. Genius people who are not contented, and still feels that they haven’t achieved anything.  These people all have one thing in common, they all became jaded. Lost. Lonely.

Manny is successful, an achiever, a great fighter.  He may not be a genius, but he has finally found the truth.  And he has chosen to follow the truth.

The Lord changed Manny’s heart. He is humbled. He may have been laughed at in the past for his English, intelligence…. but listen to his words now, he has become wiser! Wiser than that politician, multi-millionaire, and genius.  We have always seen him kneel down to thank the Lord every time he wins a fight.  But on his testimony (video above), he has also realized that he also needs to walk the right path.


Techie celebrities

Actor Ashton Kutcher owns Foursquare

I was watching Social Network on HBO the other day, and I always thought Justin Timberlake  was miscasted as  Napster co-founder Sean Parker. He’s not a geek!  That was until I found out yesterday that he’s one of the owners of Myspace, among many other .com businesses.

Have you checked-in your favorite cafe lately and posted it via Facebook?  If you are one of those people who likes to  shout-out their location,  be surprise: Ashton Kutcher is also one of the  owners of Foursquare!

I was really floored when I read that even Lady Gaga and Will Ferrell have invested in technology (read here).  And even Jessica Alba has joined the tech wagon for, organic products for kids.

In today’s world, it’s the battle of creativity and innovation. I n the book Innovation Nation, author John Kao says that America is losing its edge- they need to innovate, they need to be creative if they want to compete in today’s world.  China, India are on the rise again –  just like they were centuries ago, the height of their creativity. But you don’t really need millions of money for tech start-ups.  Think of George Takei’s  creativity – after  discovering photo shop to edit pictures, he has taken over facebook (read here)

adobe by george takei

The internet has given us that power! All we need to do is be creative!


Russel-ing Naked


There’s a fine line between being a genius and insanity.  And  Jason Russel, Invisible Children (IC) co-founder and author of the viral video Kony 2012 stepped on that line yesterday.

Russel was detained by law enforcement after running naked and allegedly masturbating in public. According to TMZ, he’s been on  ” psychiatric hold so authorities can assess his mental state.”

On IC’s Facebook ,  CEO Ben Keesey yesterday apologized and released a statement saying: “Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue.”

I’m saddened by this too.  Did Russel turn bonkers because of his passion to stop Kony? Or he couldn’t handle the critics? Or the overnight fame?  He’s not alone though,  famous people who lost their mind  due to “passion” were artist Vincent Van Gogh, who cut-off his ear, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes best portrayed in the movie Aviator,  and Mel Gibson and his anti-semitic statement after the release  of the Passion of the Christ  movie. They were all brilliant, but also went crazy- while Gibson has recovered, others went  downhill straight to the loony land, or worst committed suicide.

I wouldn’t really know the real reason of Russel’s meltdown.  If it’s his frustration to solve Uganda’s problem, he has to learn to accept reality that it takes time.  In my  last blog on Kony 2012, I ended with a question.  I wanted to suggest this:  If IC’s  goal is to make Kony famous, to make people aware,  they are successful.

Other humanitarian organizations have the same agenda like IC-  to help stop the brutality done to these children.   Although they have a better plan to help solve the problem than IC, they lacked the ingenuity to  make a good awareness campaign .  Therefore, it’s ideal that all these organizations should work together.

I don’t really know how to end this write-up, I don’t know what to suggest…But, i do know, however, that to avoid the craziness of this imperfect world,  the best way is to give it an open-ending….

Will the real Filipino please stand up?

Over the week,  GMA-7 journalist Arnold Clavio questioned Azkals ethnicity saying:  “Hindi ko kayo kakultura. Hindi naman kayo Filipino. Nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki, mahirap yun. Insensitive.”

Great timing, Clavio.  Netizens continue to slam his remark on the web, since these types of comments, especially from an opinion leader, can demoralize a team.  Many supporters blame him for the loss of   Azkals to  Turkmenistan on last Friday’s Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup match (2-1) in Kathmandu.

GMA immediately released an official statement after the game  (read here)

Many Fil-Ams who become popular, and have to carry the Philippine flag to compete, will have to go through the walk of  fire to defend their ethnicity, and citizenship.  Remember controversial basketball player Asi Tau Lava’s ordeal for being half Filipino and Tongan (read here)?

But if it’s a Fil-Am who becomes famous abroad, media instantly claims the person to be Filipino.  Jessica Sanchez, for instance, an American citizen, with Mexican and Filipino heritage, is now Pinoy’s Pride. Why aren’t Mexicans claiming her fame, she’s half-Mexican too,  but  she’s more Filipino? Has she ever visited Philippines? She’s not carrying the Philippine flag while competing in AI, but I don’t hear any media personality saying any remarks against her.

What about Charice-  talking now with an American twang, and sporting a blond do – why isn’t she being slammed to look more Filipino?

Oh well….i’m confuse, with all these American- European-Tongan-Filipino mix.

And like what Anthony Burdain says: Who is the Filipino? (watch here)

Let me hear from you:


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On stopping Kony

By now, many people around the world have watched  Invisible Children’s video (embedded above) of Joseph Kony, leader of Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, and the man believed to have killed, kidnapped children to serve his brutal purpose, and mutilated thousands of people.  Though he tops the international trial court in its wanted list, he is still hiding out there, and changing tactics to survive.

Before there was Kony 2012, several organizations have been rescuing and rehabilitating children in Uganda (read herehere, and here). Even CNN journalist Christian Amanpour have been reporting on Kony for a decade, and even did a feature documentary about him in 60 minutes (MUST WATCH here.).   They, however, failed to let people be aware of the grave situation there.

Until the campaign to stop Kony was launched recently.

The power of social media (read how Kony video sky-rocketed here).  I didn’t know who Kony was until my husband told me to watch the video yesterday. As a communication specialist, I give them a standing ovation on their communication plan – to date, the video has been watched 45million times in Youtube, and were even tweeted by  Rihanna and P. Diddy among many other celebrities.

Many people from the academe, however, are uncomfortable about the campaign (read here and here)  saying that it is misleading and can have  dangerous consequences.

But what’s the danger here?  The Kony video is a good start to get people informed, but if those 100 US troops sent by Barrack Obama would try to stop Kony and his movement, that means it will be an all-out war with thousands of child soldiers.  How are they going to handle that?

I believe in the campaign to stop Kony, I just hope they have a good plan to do this, as well as its aftermaths.