Will the real Filipino please stand up?

Over the week,  GMA-7 journalist Arnold Clavio questioned Azkals ethnicity saying:  “Hindi ko kayo kakultura. Hindi naman kayo Filipino. Nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki, mahirap yun. Insensitive.”

Great timing, Clavio.  Netizens continue to slam his remark on the web, since these types of comments, especially from an opinion leader, can demoralize a team.  Many supporters blame him for the loss of   Azkals to  Turkmenistan on last Friday’s Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup match (2-1) in Kathmandu.

GMA immediately released an official statement after the game  (read here)

Many Fil-Ams who become popular, and have to carry the Philippine flag to compete, will have to go through the walk of  fire to defend their ethnicity, and citizenship.  Remember controversial basketball player Asi Tau Lava’s ordeal for being half Filipino and Tongan (read here)?

But if it’s a Fil-Am who becomes famous abroad, media instantly claims the person to be Filipino.  Jessica Sanchez, for instance, an American citizen, with Mexican and Filipino heritage, is now Pinoy’s Pride. Why aren’t Mexicans claiming her fame, she’s half-Mexican too,  but  she’s more Filipino? Has she ever visited Philippines? She’s not carrying the Philippine flag while competing in AI, but I don’t hear any media personality saying any remarks against her.

What about Charice-  talking now with an American twang, and sporting a blond do – why isn’t she being slammed to look more Filipino?

Oh well….i’m confuse, with all these American- European-Tongan-Filipino mix.

And like what Anthony Burdain says: Who is the Filipino? (watch here)

Let me hear from you:


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