Russel-ing Naked


There’s a fine line between being a genius and insanity.  And  Jason Russel, Invisible Children (IC) co-founder and author of the viral video Kony 2012 stepped on that line yesterday.

Russel was detained by law enforcement after running naked and allegedly masturbating in public. According to TMZ, he’s been on  ” psychiatric hold so authorities can assess his mental state.”

On IC’s Facebook ,  CEO Ben Keesey yesterday apologized and released a statement saying: “Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue.”

I’m saddened by this too.  Did Russel turn bonkers because of his passion to stop Kony? Or he couldn’t handle the critics? Or the overnight fame?  He’s not alone though,  famous people who lost their mind  due to “passion” were artist Vincent Van Gogh, who cut-off his ear, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes best portrayed in the movie Aviator,  and Mel Gibson and his anti-semitic statement after the release  of the Passion of the Christ  movie. They were all brilliant, but also went crazy- while Gibson has recovered, others went  downhill straight to the loony land, or worst committed suicide.

I wouldn’t really know the real reason of Russel’s meltdown.  If it’s his frustration to solve Uganda’s problem, he has to learn to accept reality that it takes time.  In my  last blog on Kony 2012, I ended with a question.  I wanted to suggest this:  If IC’s  goal is to make Kony famous, to make people aware,  they are successful.

Other humanitarian organizations have the same agenda like IC-  to help stop the brutality done to these children.   Although they have a better plan to help solve the problem than IC, they lacked the ingenuity to  make a good awareness campaign .  Therefore, it’s ideal that all these organizations should work together.

I don’t really know how to end this write-up, I don’t know what to suggest…But, i do know, however, that to avoid the craziness of this imperfect world,  the best way is to give it an open-ending….


3 responses to “Russel-ing Naked

  1. Very well said… there is so much truth in your posting that so many of the harsh critics do not understand: They made people aware of the problem. It cannot be their responsibility to solve the whole thing.

    • yes. exactly what i mean. 81M are now aware of Kony…that’s the plan. To solve it, IC will just have to work with other humanitarian specialists. In reality, Kony is just of the face of the many “kony’s” in the world.

    • And those who laughed and mocked Russel, does not deserve any respect, no matter how high he has attained in his education.

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