Techie celebrities

Actor Ashton Kutcher owns Foursquare

I was watching Social Network on HBO the other day, and I always thought Justin Timberlake  was miscasted as  Napster co-founder Sean Parker. He’s not a geek!  That was until I found out yesterday that he’s one of the owners of Myspace, among many other .com businesses.

Have you checked-in your favorite cafe lately and posted it via Facebook?  If you are one of those people who likes to  shout-out their location,  be surprise: Ashton Kutcher is also one of the  owners of Foursquare!

I was really floored when I read that even Lady Gaga and Will Ferrell have invested in technology (read here).  And even Jessica Alba has joined the tech wagon for, organic products for kids.

In today’s world, it’s the battle of creativity and innovation. I n the book Innovation Nation, author John Kao says that America is losing its edge- they need to innovate, they need to be creative if they want to compete in today’s world.  China, India are on the rise again –  just like they were centuries ago, the height of their creativity. But you don’t really need millions of money for tech start-ups.  Think of George Takei’s  creativity – after  discovering photo shop to edit pictures, he has taken over facebook (read here)

adobe by george takei

The internet has given us that power! All we need to do is be creative!


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