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Deep in the woods

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In the last French Film festival that ran from June 8-17 in Shangrila Plaza Mall, the only movie that I really sought out to see was Au fond des Bois (Deep in the Woods).  It’s a typical poor-boy-falls-in-love-with-rich-girl-type of story set in 1865 in Southern France.

Timothee, a vagrant, fell in love with Josephine, daughter of a rich doctor.  He saw her first entering a church.  After spying her for several days, he then shows up at her home claiming to be deaf and mute. He was welcomed by her doctor father who sympathized to the boy and wanted to treat him. Over dinner, Timothee demonstrated an entertaining knack for illusions.

The next day he rapes Josephine, who is betrothed to a writer. He then brings her into the woods, where they did other the kind of exciting, nasty and satisfying things that lovers do. The problem is that as far as her family is concerned, Josephine has been kidnapped.

Timothee was then captured and was brought to trial for kidnapping. Josephine’s father remains to question whether his daughter was really under a spell, or she willingly followed him deep in the woods.

Although there were negative reviews, I really liked the movie.  My husband who is not into art films had no choice but to watch with me, and below are our reviews.


He says: Josephine was the witch, not Timothee.  She made him kidnap her, and in the end, she forced him to admit it, even if it was really what she wanted.

I say:  Timothee was a fling-type, the writer was the marrying-type.  Although Josephine liked the beggar, she knows that in reality she cannot live a vagrant lifestyle.



Behavior change first

Over the weekend, I attended a seminar on Effective Communication Planning held at Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication.  The seminar was conducted by AIJC president and UNESCO consultant Ramon Tuazon.  He said that long time development projects have been doing awareness campaign for years, and yet the respondents still suffer the same problems.  He cited the example on family planning.

The awareness on contraceptives campaign has been disseminated through out the years, and yet the population of the Philippines keeps on increasing.  Most people think that the problem is the church, which apparently is not. Based on studies and monitoring and evaluation,  people are aware of contraceptives, as well as the financial problems and consequences of bearing several children, and yet they still don’t respond to the need of family planning. The studies have found  that these people are mainly afraid of the health consequences brought about by the use of contraceptives, especially pills.  Therefore, they have concluded that awareness campaign is not the problem, but the need on the behavioral change and mindset of people.  This was realized because  science was applied to discover the source of the problem.

Behavioral change is needed not only on ongoing projects, but also future clients who does not believe on the methods of science needed to be applied to make their business succeed.  If they look down on your methods, then it’s best to let them know that they have wasted your time already, and they will be wasting everybody’s time in the future if they don’t change their behavior first.

Ode to Manny

Pacman singing his heart out in Cids Bar Makati even after losing the fight with Morales in 2005

Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradly through a controversial-split decision win  a few hours ago.  Many people contested the decision of the judges. I was one of them.  But I won’t rant about how foul the results were.  There are enough blogs and analysis about it in Google. The question is: How does Manny cope from the loss?

In 2005, after Manny Pacquiao’s loss to  Erik Morales because of a Head Butt- he was bleeding  profusely, couldn’t see, couldn’t fight Morales well- he  went to a bar with Mrs. Jinkee and entourage, drank a couple of beers,  sang his favorite songs, and had a great time.

Our group posing with Manny

Today’s post- loss: Based from several tv interviews, he says that it’s a test of faith (read here).  He said no matter how much he knew he won the fight 100%,  it’s still God’s will. God has a purpose for him. And instead of going to a bar, have a couple of drinks, sing karaoke, Pacquiao says in an interview with the Buzz  that he is taking his family  to Israel, and pay homage to the Lord.

Because of this, Manny deserves a bigger applause! We are proud of you, Manny! Keep the faith!