I would have witnessed a murder


Ernie Fernando Jasmin Sr, head of China bank security, killed by a gun man on a motorcycle in. Jasmin was walking home at around 8pm. Grieving in white is his wife, Lorecia

To keep fit, every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, I run around the village at around 7:30pm.  Last night, I was too lazy to run.  If i ran , I would have witnessed the murder of Ernesto Jasmin Sr, Chinabank head of security, who was killed by a gun man on a  motorcycle.  He died on the spot, on the main avenue of our village where I usually take my running route.

The killing happened four houses away from mine.  At around that time, I was on the internet- I heard shots, but I thought they were just firecrackers.  My dogs were restless and were barking non-stop.  I only found out about the incident when a neighbor sent me a text, and I went outside to check for myself.

Makes me think: How can assassins be so heartless? Is it because of poverty that they had to resort to killing just to feed their family?  Or is it greed just to buy themselves the latest gadget? Is our lives just worth a Blackberry?

So many questions running in my head. Everyday I pray to God for protection, I would have witnessed this murder, or I would have been killed as well for being a witness.  Tonight I thank Him that I got too lazy to run.


4 responses to “I would have witnessed a murder

  1. Nusrany Safi Guiyab Codilla

    He is my Uncle…

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