While we were preparing for a dinner party on a Friday afternoon, my father-in-law received a chilling phone call from his nephew, who informed him that his 10-year-old grandson had been missing for 48 hours in Passi, near Iloilo city.  Their suspicion was that he was kidnapped. The child was on his way home when the incident happened.

Although this is not part of their job description, military intels were dispatched by another relative to gather leads and information on the whereabouts of the child. Two days later, the kid was rescued in Capiz province.  They captured the syndicate that kidnapped him.  We were informed that he was forced to steal, and if he does not do it, the gang would physically hurt him.

This happened in Iloilo, Manila is worse!

Kidnapping is so rampant nowadays that sometimes we would only get to watch it on television, in the comforts of our own homes, feeling immune.  In 2010, I blogged about a kidnapped child, and micro blogged two weeks ago about a two-year-old kid who was kidnapped  in Caloocan by a 10-year-old boy, who turned him into a beggar (the syndicate is still running loose). I prayed every night for the child’s safety, thank God he was found!

But God is good!  In this life, there is no coincidence.  I believe that there is a reason that the child was kidnapped!  Most of the kidnapped children came from poor families, who doesn’t  have any resources on saving their child. And it just so happened that the recent victim was well-connected. I still feel that the incident was a blessing in disguise after all. Because of that, other children were rescued as well from that syndicate!

But what about the children that will be kidnapped in the coming months? Kidnapping nowadays is notfor ransom anymore! These  syndicates are taking our children and turn them into future criminals, have them adopted to foreigners, or worse donate their organs abroad!  When will these stop?! When will the police, our government, put an end to these ruthless crimes?!

Parents, be aware: no one has any immunity on kidnapping!  Always watch over your children!  Never let your child go to a public place with a yaya only- hindi nila ilalaban ang anak mo ng patayan! Remember that!


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