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Amazing! That’s all I could think of while watching Miyoko Shida Rigolo’s performance art. A circus performer can actually do this, even with  a “cup on a cake, and a book on one hand!” But Miyoko puts elegance into it that takes you beyond the show. She makes you realize three things:

1. Anything is possible if you just concentrate

2. Never take anything for granted, no matter how small, just like that feather, take it away, and it clutters your life.

3. Balance = peace

So ask yourself after watching this video: Is your life balance- physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Are you focused? and most of all, are you at peace?

At my end, I realized I have a lot to work on for now


Fabulous, crazy hair

Hair crazy gone wilder.  These hair styles are  theatrical and eye-catching.  Lady Gaga can definitely wear them. No matter how crazy these hairstyles look,  it just shows how these foreign hairdressers can actually go beyond their imagination to create something different, even mind-hair-blowing.

Commentary: I have never seen anything like this in local magazine spreads.   Filipino hairdressers  should really learn how to innovate and  go beyond their security blankets.

Filtering your bottles

designed by Karim Rashid

To be safe, most people in the Philippines buy distilled water  for drinking.  Drinking tap water just doesn’t feel safe anymore, not just in our country but also abroad.

With Americans alone buying over billions worth of bottled water and using 1.5 millions barrels of oil to make those bottles, designer Karim Rashid created the Bobble.

The design has a carbon filter which guarantees to provide 150 liters of impurity-free water. The Bobble makes drinking safe water affordable and eco-friendly.

Commentary: Ingenious idea! Every time I eat in a restaurant, drinking ordinary glass water is a hit-or-miss diarrhea incident. And buying bottled water in a fine-dining resto can sometimes be a highway robbery with its price. I remember a bottle of Evian in a five star hotel restaurant costs like a hearty Mcdo meal already.  Anyway, this bobble definitely helps cut costs.

Sliding down the art walk

Why walk when you can slide? JDS architects have proposed an experience which sees a trampoline net spiraling down the guggenheim museum’s central space.   This idea plays on frank lloyd wright’s vision for the museum:  patrons visiting the exhibition from the top,  downwards.

Analysis: Sounds like a fun ride! I would definitely try this one out. Just looking at it feels like the adrenaline has started pumping inside me.  I wonder, if this will be implemented in the Philippines also, but which museum would be fit to have this?