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Nothing sweet on this candy

Nicefood manufactures this cigarette candy

My favorite isle in the grocery is the sweets section.  While going through different products, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these candy cigarettes!

The idea of a five-year-old pretending to smoke these sweets makes me angry.  Manufactured by Nicefoods, I wonder if the business owners have kids, because manufacturing them as sweets  have an underlying context:  A subliminal consent that smoking is good.

Candy Cigarettes were introduced in the early 20th century. It is plausible that these candies can influence children to smoke when they are older because  later in the 70s, countries like the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Norway, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia have already banned selling these candy cigarettes ( read here).  Sadly, we have yet to realize the effects of these cigarette sweets to kids.


Beer tastes turns into chocolate

It’s really a  pill that changes the food’s flavor! This miracle berry pill is made from a West African Berry plant which helps turn the taste of super sour lime to a really sweet sugary taste. It even turns the bitter taste of beer into a rich chocolate! The secret ingredient: Glycoprotein. Curious? Above is a video of an ordinary couple trying it. Still curious? Why not try it your self!

Analysis: This pill is actually good for diabetics.  Research shows that some artificial sweeteners can cause cancer, this pill may just be a good alternative for that sweet tooth.  It’s all natural, and it really is mysteriously miraculous.

Le Whif that coffee

Want to have that caffeine fix without the cup? Well, try Le Whif . It’s a caffeine product in a stick, which is about the size of a lipstick tube, to be placed in between the lips for inhaling.

According to Huffington Post, it is made through particle engineering, which reduces coffee particles so that they’re small enough to be airborne, but too large to enter the lungs.

And whiffing it takes in about 100 milligrams of caffeine ( equivalent to a small cup of espresso) without the calories.

*commentary:  We all know caffeine is addictive.  And Le Whif’s product sounds like cafe au  late with the context of  ‘co-ffee-caine-joint -form’.

Interesting. However, the target market would be dieters who are allergic to calories or workoholics who don’t have time to have cup.  It’s more of looking for that fix in a second.  Will Starbucks follow?  Debatable.  People would try it out of curiosity.  For now, I don’t think this is sustainable because it can only cater to a small margin of caffeine addicts.  Besides, majority of the people still prefer to enjoy that taste than a really quick fix.

Sophisticated junk

Unlike Carlo, my husband, I’m not really into junk food.  However, when we did our grocery shopping last week, I noticed that more and more junk food have become sophisticated.  And these junk food caters to the masses!

Gone are the days when we only have a few choices in potato chips: usually cheese, orginal or bar-b-que flavors.  But now,  potato chips have  seaweed, shrimp, and even salmon sushi flavors! Many consumers have been lured to be adventurous when it comes to food. We’re not part of that group, but sometimes curiosity  bites, that’s why we bought those  two new chip flavors (shown above).

What can I say? The taste is not that mind-blowing, but it’s not that bad either.  The salmon chips taste a bit fishy, with a hint of wasabi, while Tokayaki tastes like Tokayaki- fried octupus.

According to food manufacturers, they aim to evolve and broaden their  flavors that’s why they offer new products in the market.

Well, i’ll probably try it once, if it’s good, i’ll be a fan, if not I  go back to my comfort flavor: cheese!