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Deep in the woods

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In the last French Film festival that ran from June 8-17 in Shangrila Plaza Mall, the only movie that I really sought out to see was Au fond des Bois (Deep in the Woods).  It’s a typical poor-boy-falls-in-love-with-rich-girl-type of story set in 1865 in Southern France.

Timothee, a vagrant, fell in love with Josephine, daughter of a rich doctor.  He saw her first entering a church.  After spying her for several days, he then shows up at her home claiming to be deaf and mute. He was welcomed by her doctor father who sympathized to the boy and wanted to treat him. Over dinner, Timothee demonstrated an entertaining knack for illusions.

The next day he rapes Josephine, who is betrothed to a writer. He then brings her into the woods, where they did other the kind of exciting, nasty and satisfying things that lovers do. The problem is that as far as her family is concerned, Josephine has been kidnapped.

Timothee was then captured and was brought to trial for kidnapping. Josephine’s father remains to question whether his daughter was really under a spell, or she willingly followed him deep in the woods.

Although there were negative reviews, I really liked the movie.  My husband who is not into art films had no choice but to watch with me, and below are our reviews.


He says: Josephine was the witch, not Timothee.  She made him kidnap her, and in the end, she forced him to admit it, even if it was really what she wanted.

I say:  Timothee was a fling-type, the writer was the marrying-type.  Although Josephine liked the beggar, she knows that in reality she cannot live a vagrant lifestyle.



Kaya pala ng Pinoy, eh!

Ever since the plagiarism controversy of Manny Pangilinan’s Ateneo speech to the ‘Polska-inspired-kuno’ Department of Tourism logo, I have always wondered why Filipinos lost their innovation and creativity (read more here) these days.  In the digital age, the competition  only needs a simple formula:  imagination.

But after seeing the new Pepsi commercial, I almost jumped for joy! This is what I have been waiting for! Kaya pala natin maging magaling at creative!  Filipinos just need to push the bar higher.  I really look forward to see more works of art in the future.

My favorite Bear

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I love Bear.  Man vs. Wild tops the list of my favorite tv shows. I just watched his China episode, and I swear, I always wonder who’s  behind the lens. Since he should always keep up with Bear, he should be as buff as him, right?

Bear's crew

More photos here.

What do you think?

* one of Bear’s current tweets: “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters: one represents danger, and the other, opportunity.”

So, I like it

I admit, I am a sucker for Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese  Asiannovelas.  The way they make  them are really good, from cinematography, script, acting etc…..  Sometimes I wonder why Philippine television cannot create one as good as theirs.  I mean, with the of advent of digital format, filming should not be expensive, therefore, it only needs  creativity.  However,  I do  commend Tayong Dalawa– so far it’s the best in Philippine telenovela I watched.

My only comment, however, with these Asianovelas is that even if they start with bang, they all end in a whimper.   I think they still need to improve their endings.  Unlike Tayong Dalawa, I was really satisfied from start to finish.

My top three asian novelas – (click photo to watch):

boys over flowers

Hotaru no hikari

Dalja's spring

You may check more asiannovleas at or