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Feel good movies


I like watching feel-good movies. I realized that the common denominators for liking them are: actors does not necessarily have to be famous, crisp dialogue, and cinematography plays a big role.

So here are my favorites:

1. Jeux d’enfants or love me if you dare
2. Nottinghill
3. Midnight in Paris
4. Under the tuscan sun
5. The holiday
6. A Good year
7. Chocolat
8. Amelie
9. As good as it gets
10. Somethings gotta give
11. A room with a view
12. Il postino
13. Priceless
14. Breakfast at tiffany’s
15. A big year
16. Howl’s moving castle
17. House of flying daggers
18. Vicky cristina Barcelona
19. Like water for chocolat
20. Summer hours
21. Salmon fishing in Yemen

I’m still in search for more of these type of films. What’s your favorite feel-good movie?i




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