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For Manga enthusiasts: It’s the Japanese Film Fest 2012


Hi everyone!

If you love watching Koreanovelas, I hope you are aware that most of the good ones were based from Japanese Manga stories.  The famous ones are  Boys Over Flowers based on Hana Yori Dango, City Hunter, and Kimi Wa. Sometimes, I wonder where these comic writers get their imagination from because they are  beyond awesome!

There was one cartoon I watched on Disney Channel that really amazed me – Howl’s Moving Castle.  It tells a story about Sophie, a young woman who fell in love with a man/wizard, who turns into an eagle that fights a war.  Sensing the attraction between them, the Witch of the Waste got jealous and turned her into an old lady. Unable to tell anyone about the curse, Sophie heads out  to find solace.  There she saw a castle-unbeknownst to her that it’s owned by Howl- where she became a housekeeper.

The cartoons is just breath taking! It even earned $231million worldwide in 2004, and was nominated in the Oscars in 2006 for Best Animation.  If you haven’t watched it, it will be shown again on Disney Channel on July 27, at 7:30 pm.


Anyway, if you like Manga cartoons or amovie,  the Japanese Embassy will be showing 11 of its Art films in Shangrila Cineplex from July 6 to 15.  There will be only one Manga cartoons to be shown called Colorful.

Colorful is an animated sci-fi and fantasy film that tells a story about a deceased soul that was transferred into the body of a high school boy Kobayashi Makoto, who just committed suicide. With Kobayashi’s body regaining life, the soul inhabits him and journeys deeper into the boy’s story, eventually uncovering the truth behind the suicide.

 Another interesting Manga-adapted movie that I would like to catch is the Peak. It’s an adventure film and drama based on the popular comics by Ishizuka Shinichi. It looks like a love story based from its synopsis:  “An adventure of Sanpo, who volunteers as a mountain rescuer in the Northern Alps after having conquered the world’s famous peaks. Despite these achievements, he strikes novice Kumi as far too easygoing—yet she discovers that he is actually someone she can rely on after observing him in action.”

You can read the other the films’ synopsis here.

Have a great weekend, and hope to see you there!