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Pinoy Olympians blame the weather!

Better luck, este, better train HARDER, next time!

When you win an Olympic medal, it’s the result of the rigid training, right nutrition, strength, and endurance.

While watching the  interview of Filipina weight lifter Hidilyn Diaz on Abscbn this morning, I really wanted to cringe when she cried.  Not out of pity, but of embarrassment! She should just have just held her head high, and accepted her defeat with class – just like Manny Pacquiao.

In another write-up, she was quoted “I have been doing 123 kilos and I knew I could easily lift 118. But it was not what I expected,” said Diaz. “I don’t know why I couldn’t lift such a weight.”

“It was very cold out there, it really didn’t help me in my final preparations,” she said.

In weight lifting, it’s all about who’s the strongest!  In training: rain or shine, you practice in whatever weather condition.  Everyone knows the Olympics would be held in London when it won the bid in 2005. Everyone knows it’s cold there! Did she expect the Gods to change the weather condition for her benefit?

But perhaps it was genes that US weight lifter  Holley Mangold– whose brother, Nick,  a pro in US  National Football league- that got her to lift those barbells.  Or perhaps it was her training, maybe her whopping 350 lb weight – whatever the factor, she qualified.  She lifted those barbels.  She deserved it!

Then here comes Pinoy shooter Brian Rosario’s interview. Again, he blames the weather (read here), saying the wind was chilly when he was about to shoot the target, thus, missed. And swears on Abscbn interview that he’ll practice and train harder for the next 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Finally, Rosario hits the spot: PRACTICE and TRAIN HARDER in all weather conditions! I hope next time they would prepare more.  I hope next time, they won’t blame the hot weather in Rio by then!

And to the Pinoy boxer who didn’t blame the weather: Mark Barriga, a big CONGRATULATIONS!

So who’s to blame? Let me hear from you.