Feel good movies


I like watching feel-good movies. I realized that the common denominators for liking them are: actors does not necessarily have to be famous, crisp dialogue, and cinematography plays a big role.

So here are my favorites:

1. Jeux d’enfants or love me if you dare
2. Nottinghill
3. Midnight in Paris
4. Under the tuscan sun
5. The holiday
6. A Good year
7. Chocolat
8. Amelie
9. As good as it gets
10. Somethings gotta give
11. A room with a view
12. Il postino
13. Priceless
14. Breakfast at tiffany’s
15. A big year
16. Howl’s moving castle
17. House of flying daggers
18. Vicky cristina Barcelona
19. Like water for chocolat
20. Summer hours
21. Salmon fishing in Yemen

I’m still in search for more of these type of films. What’s your favorite feel-good movie?i


Toys that make our kids


While packing away my son’s toys, I realized that for the past four years we have accumulated an estimated Php. 50,000 worth of toys (including baby toys and the ones worth 500 below).

Yes, a whopping Php. 50,000!!!

What i am trying to drive here is the business on consumerism. These toys may bring “joy,” but new/better toys will be marketed in the next months, especially nearing the holidays.

When we were kids, there were no Toy Kingdom or Toys are Us that time. Babyland, COD, or SM were a long excursion away. Toys or games were simple then: jackstones, palayok for a kitchen set, or tanzan to make mudcakes made us happy. Thus, we are what we are today.

In applying uses and gratification theory in this situation, the media is used to supply the kid’s specific need to feel happiness. But what are the repercussions on buying endless new toys? Are we teaching our children to be materialistic? Are we teaching them discontent? Are we filling the void of being an absentee parent? Or are we, parents, keeping up with the Joneses?

With all the available technology, toys, games, the parents’ direction is a big influence that stirs the kids future.

So be careful parents on granting a child’s desire on toys. The bible warns:

“And all that my eyes desired I did not refuse them. I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure, for my heart was pleased because of all my labor and this was my reward for all my labor. Thus I considered all my activities which my
hands had done and the labor which I had exerted, and behold all was vanity and striving after wind and there was no profit under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 2:10-11




Amazing! That’s all I could think of while watching Miyoko Shida Rigolo’s performance art. A circus performer can actually do this, even with  a “cup on a cake, and a book on one hand!” But Miyoko puts elegance into it that takes you beyond the show. She makes you realize three things:

1. Anything is possible if you just concentrate

2. Never take anything for granted, no matter how small, just like that feather, take it away, and it clutters your life.

3. Balance = peace

So ask yourself after watching this video: Is your life balance- physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Are you focused? and most of all, are you at peace?

At my end, I realized I have a lot to work on for now



While we were preparing for a dinner party on a Friday afternoon, my father-in-law received a chilling phone call from his nephew, who informed him that his 10-year-old grandson had been missing for 48 hours in Passi, near Iloilo city.  Their suspicion was that he was kidnapped. The child was on his way home when the incident happened.

Although this is not part of their job description, military intels were dispatched by another relative to gather leads and information on the whereabouts of the child. Two days later, the kid was rescued in Capiz province.  They captured the syndicate that kidnapped him.  We were informed that he was forced to steal, and if he does not do it, the gang would physically hurt him.

This happened in Iloilo, Manila is worse!

Kidnapping is so rampant nowadays that sometimes we would only get to watch it on television, in the comforts of our own homes, feeling immune.  In 2010, I blogged about a kidnapped child, and micro blogged two weeks ago about a two-year-old kid who was kidnapped  in Caloocan by a 10-year-old boy, who turned him into a beggar (the syndicate is still running loose). I prayed every night for the child’s safety, thank God he was found!

But God is good!  In this life, there is no coincidence.  I believe that there is a reason that the child was kidnapped!  Most of the kidnapped children came from poor families, who doesn’t  have any resources on saving their child. And it just so happened that the recent victim was well-connected. I still feel that the incident was a blessing in disguise after all. Because of that, other children were rescued as well from that syndicate!

But what about the children that will be kidnapped in the coming months? Kidnapping nowadays is notfor ransom anymore! These  syndicates are taking our children and turn them into future criminals, have them adopted to foreigners, or worse donate their organs abroad!  When will these stop?! When will the police, our government, put an end to these ruthless crimes?!

Parents, be aware: no one has any immunity on kidnapping!  Always watch over your children!  Never let your child go to a public place with a yaya only- hindi nila ilalaban ang anak mo ng patayan! Remember that!


blog no evil

blog no evil

“I have nothing more to blog.”

1 million people  use this same sentence on the net.  And because of the Philippine Cyber Crime Law, I am guilty of libel already- that’s a decade of imprisonment!

“Sue me!”

Pinoy Olympians blame the weather!

Better luck, este, better train HARDER, next time!

When you win an Olympic medal, it’s the result of the rigid training, right nutrition, strength, and endurance.

While watching the  interview of Filipina weight lifter Hidilyn Diaz on Abscbn this morning, I really wanted to cringe when she cried.  Not out of pity, but of embarrassment! She should just have just held her head high, and accepted her defeat with class – just like Manny Pacquiao.

In another write-up, she was quoted “I have been doing 123 kilos and I knew I could easily lift 118. But it was not what I expected,” said Diaz. “I don’t know why I couldn’t lift such a weight.”

“It was very cold out there, it really didn’t help me in my final preparations,” she said.

In weight lifting, it’s all about who’s the strongest!  In training: rain or shine, you practice in whatever weather condition.  Everyone knows the Olympics would be held in London when it won the bid in 2005. Everyone knows it’s cold there! Did she expect the Gods to change the weather condition for her benefit?

But perhaps it was genes that US weight lifter  Holley Mangold– whose brother, Nick,  a pro in US  National Football league- that got her to lift those barbells.  Or perhaps it was her training, maybe her whopping 350 lb weight – whatever the factor, she qualified.  She lifted those barbels.  She deserved it!

Then here comes Pinoy shooter Brian Rosario’s interview. Again, he blames the weather (read here), saying the wind was chilly when he was about to shoot the target, thus, missed. And swears on Abscbn interview that he’ll practice and train harder for the next 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Finally, Rosario hits the spot: PRACTICE and TRAIN HARDER in all weather conditions! I hope next time they would prepare more.  I hope next time, they won’t blame the hot weather in Rio by then!

And to the Pinoy boxer who didn’t blame the weather: Mark Barriga, a big CONGRATULATIONS!

So who’s to blame? Let me hear from you.

For Manga enthusiasts: It’s the Japanese Film Fest 2012


Hi everyone!

If you love watching Koreanovelas, I hope you are aware that most of the good ones were based from Japanese Manga stories.  The famous ones are  Boys Over Flowers based on Hana Yori Dango, City Hunter, and Kimi Wa. Sometimes, I wonder where these comic writers get their imagination from because they are  beyond awesome!

There was one cartoon I watched on Disney Channel that really amazed me – Howl’s Moving Castle.  It tells a story about Sophie, a young woman who fell in love with a man/wizard, who turns into an eagle that fights a war.  Sensing the attraction between them, the Witch of the Waste got jealous and turned her into an old lady. Unable to tell anyone about the curse, Sophie heads out  to find solace.  There she saw a castle-unbeknownst to her that it’s owned by Howl- where she became a housekeeper.

The cartoons is just breath taking! It even earned $231million worldwide in 2004, and was nominated in the Oscars in 2006 for Best Animation.  If you haven’t watched it, it will be shown again on Disney Channel on July 27, at 7:30 pm.


Anyway, if you like Manga cartoons or amovie,  the Japanese Embassy will be showing 11 of its Art films in Shangrila Cineplex from July 6 to 15.  There will be only one Manga cartoons to be shown called Colorful.

Colorful is an animated sci-fi and fantasy film that tells a story about a deceased soul that was transferred into the body of a high school boy Kobayashi Makoto, who just committed suicide. With Kobayashi’s body regaining life, the soul inhabits him and journeys deeper into the boy’s story, eventually uncovering the truth behind the suicide.

 Another interesting Manga-adapted movie that I would like to catch is the Peak. It’s an adventure film and drama based on the popular comics by Ishizuka Shinichi. It looks like a love story based from its synopsis:  “An adventure of Sanpo, who volunteers as a mountain rescuer in the Northern Alps after having conquered the world’s famous peaks. Despite these achievements, he strikes novice Kumi as far too easygoing—yet she discovers that he is actually someone she can rely on after observing him in action.”

You can read the other the films’ synopsis here.

Have a great weekend, and hope to see you there!